What should I expect

What should I expect?

Snacks, cokes, coffee, music, a relevant message, and a casual atmosphere (about 1 hour total)

What kind of music should I expect?

Modern worship

What will the sermons be like? 

Relevant. True. Biblical. – AND a chance to ask questions and make decisions

What should I wear?
Casual, comfortable dress (We mainly care that you’re here)

Will you ask for money every week?

There is an offering box in the back and everyone is welcome to give.  Newcomers should feel no obligation to.

How do I get connected?

If you want to get connected into one of our home groups, or help our in a ministry, please fill out a connection card during service and get in contact with us. We would love to discuss that with you. Our goal is to get everyone connected into a home group.

How Can I Serve?
There are many opportunities to serve and we would love to get you connected that way.  Please fill out a connection card and get in contact with us.